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Upcoming Events News

MHA Upcoming Events


The Press Release for the 10th Annual Military Culinary Competition will be posted shortly.

Come and see the great military chefs as they prepare culinary works of art. This event is FREE for the community to watch on September 28, 2011 at 8th Street and I Street right next to the Marine Corp Barracks in Washington DC.

Registration Prices:
  • Beer and Food Pairing Dinner Only: $35.00

  • Competing teams are Highly encouraged to attend the Beer and Food Pairing dinner to view the equipment that will be used during the competition and pick out what heat their team will be competing in. Teams that do not show up during the Icebreaker dinner will be placed in the remaining time slots of the competition.

    2013 - 10th Annual Military Hopsitality Alliance's Military Culinary Competition Prizes
    1st Place

    $1,000.00 for each team member (Team Captain and 3 Team mates) from MHA, Chef Coat from Chef Works, and an apron from San Jamar

    2nd Place

    $500.00 for each team member (Team Captain and 3 Team mates) from MHA and an apron from San Jamar

    3rd Place

    $250.00 for each team member(Team Captain and 3 Team mates) from MHA and an apron from San Jamar

    On Behalf of The Military Hospitality Alliance President Rhodello Nuval, Board of Directors, Founder Ed Manley, and Sponsors, We Welcome the great Culinary Teams to this year's 2013 10th Annual Military Hospitality Alliance Military Culinary Competition sanctioned by the American Culinary Federation.

    Team 1- Navy
    CSC Chad Shiflett
    CS1 Matt Susienka
    CSC Chrtis Addleman
    CS1 Paul Brown
    Team 2 - Army
    Army Pentagon
    SSG Brandon Parworth
    SGT William Pelkey
    SPC Carlos Mercado
    SGT Steven Baca

    Team 3 - Coast Guard
    Commandant's Staff Team
    FSC Stephen Bishop
    FSCS James Swenson
    FSC Dustin Webb
    FS1 Kevin Saiyasak

    Team 4 - Coast Guard
    Secretary of Homeland Security Mess
    FS1 Edward Fuchs
    FS3 Hunter Robinson
    FS1 Justin Pearl
    FS2 David Vega

    Team 5 - Army
    Office of the Secretary of Defense Mess
    SFC Andre Ward
    SSgt Ghil Medina
    SGT Edward Windhurst
    SPC Kevin Arwood

    Team 6 - Mixed
    Office of the Secretary of Defense Mess 2
    CS2 Robert Harewood
    SGT River Mitchell
    SGT Monique Sorrel
    CS1 Reia Davis

    Team 7 - Army
    Fort Drum
    SFC Michael Bogle
    Sgt Micha McKarnie
    SGT Sarah Proctor
    SSG Gary Hunt

    Team 8 - Navy
    SecNav EDF Blue Team
    CS1 James Ferguson
    CS2 Joseph Mariano
    CS2 Michael Derry
    CS2 Dion Yipon

    Team 9 - Mixed
    SecNav EDF Gold Team
    CS1 Eduardo Davila
    CS1 Russel Allison
    SSGT Therel White
    CS2 Michael Kuhns

    Team 10 - Mixed
    Presidential Food Service #3
    MSgt Andrew Atkinson
    GySgt Charles Cox
    CSC Jose Jiminez
    CS1 Nauta Waltine

    Team 11 - Army
    Army Executive Dining Facility
    SSG Michael Williams
    SGT Rose Picard
    SGT Marysol Carrera
    SSG Eric Holland

    Team 12 - Mixed
    USACAT Team
    SFC Motavia Alston
    FS2 Jason Rohrs
    SPC Samantha Poe
    SGT Sarah Deckert

    Team 13 - Navy
    Presidential Food Service #1
    CS2 Sherrol Samuels
    CS1 Katina Hoyles
    CS1 Raymond Rogers
    CSC Anthony Naranjo

    Team 14 - Navy
    Presidental Food Service #2
    CSC Sonny Lalatag
    CS1 Jake Settle
    CS1 Marcus Knueppel
    CS2 Devin Flowers

    Team 15- Navy
    Mid-Atlantic Spice Kings
    CSC Angelica Flores
    CS2 James Onuska
    CS2 Cameron Johnson
    CS2 Jamicheal Webb

    Team 16 - Marine Corps
    Marine Corps Metro DC
    Sgt Jacob Ballard
    SSgt Johnathan Duncan
    SSgt Ryan Alarie
    GySgt Charles Hughes

    American Culinary Federation(ACF) Category W – 4-person Team Market Basket

    • 4 Person Team consisting of a team captain and 3 members
    • Each team will receive their basket and have 30 minutes to write and submit their menu.
    • Each team has 2 hours in the kitchen to mis en place, cook and serve a four-course meal for 8.
    • At least some portion of each item in the basket must be used in the menu.

    16 teams maximum

    Judging will be based on F1 criteria; F1 score sheets will be used for this competition. There will be a minimum of three ACF approved judges as well as three to four industry chef judges for this event.

    Come join us and lets create something delectable.

    Don't forget about the Enlisted Aide of the Year Awards on November at the Ritz Carlton.

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